Towards Smart, Green, Integrated, Transport


The aim of Workshop No 2 was for the TRANSFORM consortium and invited guests to share experience and ideas on how to mobilise the procurement power of city authorities through both joint actions and collaboration with other stakeholders. It was hosted by Barcelona City Council and held at the city’s Centre Civic Pati Llimona on 21 October 2014. It involved a mixed group of nearly 50 stakeholders from across Europe who were invited by members of the TRANSFORM consortium.

The Briefing Documents for the workshop are available here:
TRANSFORM 2nd Workshop Discussion Briefing
Transform Project Cenex Final Report
Case Study_Birmingham
Case Study_Barcelona
Case Study_Rotterdam

Workshop Agenda

09.00 Registration and Coffee

09.15 SESSION 1 – The Need for Joint Action
Welcome from Barcelona City Council (Mr Adria Gomila, Director of Mobility)
Chairman’s Introduction (Dr Jonathon Frost OBE)

09.30 SESSION 2 – Key Note Presentations
Corporate Leaders View (Piedad Molina-Niñirola Moreno, Ferrovial)
Innovation Agency View (Rick Lindeman, ERA-NET Transport)

10.00 SESSION 3 – Examples of How Procurement Can Drive Innovation
Natalie Evans, ICLEI
Ville Valovirta, VTT
Luis Miguel Herrero, City of Avila
Nicole Fletcher, London Fire Brigade

11.00 Break

11.15 SESSION 3 Continued
TRANSFORM leader-led projects:
Barcelona, Michael Pellot
Birmingham, Sylvia Broadley
Rotterdam, Leon Dijk

11.45 Introducing Innovation Procurement Compacts (Chairman)
Zero Carbon Delivery Vans (Francis Allouche, Symbio FCell)
Progressive Standards to Reduce Transport Emissions in Cities (Chris Walsh, CENEX)

12.30 Open Discussion

13.00 Lunch

14.00 SESSION 4 – How to Mobilise the Procurement Power of City Authorities

(World Cafe Format – 30 mins per group and option to move round groups to discuss guiding questions)

Guiding Questions

Collaborative policy actions (Marieke van Putten, Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Jessica Chaffer, UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)
Collaborative procurement actions within and between cities (Leon Dijk, Rotterdam City Council and Chris Walsh, CENEX)
Compacts and their role in creating new options and demonstration consortia (Gaynor Whyles, JERA Consulting and Ashley Stewart, Optimat)
Possible Future Projects and Funding Options (Angus Hunter, Optimat and Mara Caboara, European Corporate Leaders Group)

16.00 SESSION 5 – Feedback from Session Chairs
Priority areas for joint action
Chairman’s conclusions

17.00 End of Workshop