Towards Smart, Green, Integrated, Transport

Project overview


The main aim of TRANSFORM is to mobilise the procurement power of city authorities and major companies to accelerate progress towards sustainable zero carbon transport systems. The three year project will focus on:
– The development of procurement of innovation strategies on realizing Green Transport
– The results will be used to bridge the gap with R&D, specifically the European Research Area (ERA) R&D
– An analysis of the impact of transport on climate change
– A sensible action plan to enable cities to make progress on smart, green integrated transport. An important part of the action plan is the potential synergies between public and private demand.

To realize those goals the following objectives will be realized:
1. Bring together influential stakeholders from European cities and the innovation community to explore future zero carbon aspirations and emerging potential solutions.
2. Facilitate the development of leader-led innovation procurement projects in the procurement transport area.
3. Coordinate the development of joint demand statements of common need for innovative solutions in the future (innovation procurement ‘Compacts’).
4. Promote the innovation procurement ‘Compacts’ to the transport innovation community