Towards Smart, Green, Integrated, Transport

From Transport to Smart Mobility: Seamless, Customer Focused and Valued Services

This conference provides a forum to discuss the increasing and enhanced service delivery and business opportunities arising from smart mobility and intelligent transport systems.

Systems across every transport mode are more and more responsive and active in managing and evolving how transport is changing. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) affect all forms of transport. When ICT systems are applied to transport – covering infrastructure, vehicles and users – they assist in traffic and individuals’ mobility management by allowing all types of transport to interact with each other and with other things.
• Learn more about innovative systems relating to different modes of transport and traffic management
• Explore how all transport users can be better informed to make safer, more coordinated, and ‘smarter’ use of transport networks
• Examine the changes that need to be made to how transport is planned and delivered in order to keep up with technology

Tuesday 27th January 2015, Edinburgh

More information is available here.