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Barcelona City Council publish Prior Information Notice

Barcelona City Council have published a Prior Information Notice (PIN) for Sound or visual signalling apparatus.

Barcelona City Council wishes to increase the safety and access of all pedestrians through the introduction of an innovative pedestrian crossing solution. In many towns and cities mechanisms have been introduced that provide pedestrians with auditory and visual information on the time available to cross a road. These systems usually take the form of digital devices for communicating to pedestrians crossing at signal-controlled crossings via a “count down” of the seconds remaining for the pedestrian. Some systems (those showing green time for the pedestrian to cross) have been trialled at certain junctions in Barcelona where dynamic signal control does not operate, but the incompatibility with dynamic signal control is seen to be a fundamental barrier to a more generalized deployment. Systems showing only the time for clearing the pedestrian crossing area are not appropriate since clearance times are kept short for other safety considerations (see Background Information below for further information), and the basic idea is to help pedestrians to cross from the start of their crossing phase.
This PIN therefore launches a market engagement exercise to explore with the supply chain the potential for an innovative pedestrian crossing system capable of addressing the ‘unmet need’ it has identified.

The PIN is available to download here